Swimming Pool Care and Maintenance

D & S Property Services offers a full range of swimming pool maintenance services; we've been maintaining swimming pools for many years and currently manage over 30 pools.

Swimming Pool Maintenance - Dordogne and CharenteYou can choose to 'pay per visit' or we can offer you a range of pool maintenance contracts; ideal if you are absent or rent out your gite. If you prefer we can simply arrange to open and close your pool at the start and end of the season.

With our contracts, once the pool is open and ready to use we usually visit once a week (or more frequently if required) to check and maintain the water quality, add the relevant chemicals, clean the pool and backwash/clean the filters (sand, felt bag or cartridge).

If you have an alarm we test it as required by law, every month.

At the end of the season we prepare the pool for the winter, add winter chemicals and drain the filters and pipe work. We put on the winter cover and remove any security device.

The 'season' usually runs from late April through to the end of September, unless you are lucky and have a heated swimming pool!

All opening, weekly, and closing chemicals are included in the contract (and salt if required) - and as usual for D & S Property Services there are no hidden extras.

To ensure the highest water quality and to ensure that you are confident you're not sharing your pool with millions of unwanted guests, or that your liner is not being damaged with a poor water balance we use a professional portable laboratory to test your pool water. We record all readings for reference.

 We can supply & fit the latest pool alarms, pool covers for winter, summer, 4 season 'safety bar' covers  and heavy duty rollers. Contact us for a free quote for made to measure or standard, high quality - low price.

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